Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · WRESTLING PRACTICE CHANGE FOR THURSDAY 11/15 AND FRIDAY 11/16

We will not be allowed to enter the wrestling room on Thursday 11/15 or Friday 11/16 due to the Storm Center basketball floors being re-conditioned.  This comes straight from our Athletic Director, Coach Demastus.  Wrestlers will have access to the locker room if they need to get their clothes, but we ABSOLUTELY MUST STAY OFF THE GYM FLOOR!!!

Practice Plans for Thursday 11/15

Today (Thursday 11/15) Varsity/JV will be practicing in the weight room after school.  Wrestlers will meet in Coach Putnam’s room and leave their stuff in there until after practice.  We will use the restrooms in CTAE for dressing out today.

Women’s Team Practice will be cancelled since we have no-where to practice.  The women’s team may participate in the Reverse Raffle Fundraiser instead if you would like to.

For those that are volunteering to work the Reverse Raffle Fundraiser tonight, we will still go to the Cafeteria for Clean-Up after our practice.  I estimate we will be done between 8 and 9 PM.  We will provide dinner for all wrestlers that volunteer.  Thank you Coach Demastus!!!


Practice on Friday 11/16 PLANS

  • The JV Team will still be travelling to Ringgold w/ Coach Gayton after school to wrestle in the JV Tournament.  We will load the bus in front of the Storm Center immediately after school, so get there quickly, and remember to bring all of your wrestling gear (shoes & headgear).
  • The Varsity Team will be staying behind to practice, but due to the gym floor, Varsity Practice will be at Cartersville Middle School in the Multi-Purpose Building with our Middle School Team and Coach Poe.  If any of the Varsity Team has any transportation issues in getting to CMS, please call/text Coach Gayton at 770-286-0777 and let him know as soon as possible.  Practice will still begin at 4:15 PM at CMS and will be over at 6:15 PM as normal.


Gear Bags have Arrived!!!

Our Gear Bags came in yesterday and we want to issue them today, but that may be a problem with the Gym Floor situation.  If we are unable to issue the backpacks today with singlets, we will have them ready on the bus for the JV Team on Friday, and on the bus Saturday Morning for the Varsity Team.  We are expecting the cloth items of team gear to be here any day now.  As soon as they come in, we will issue those items to the team.


Varsity Tournament Saturday at Ringgold

All plans will remain the same as before.


Voluntary Set-Up on Sunday 11/18

  • We will still plan to do voluntary set-up for the JV tournament on Sunday 11/18 @ 2:00 PM.  Depending on when the flooring company tells Coach Demastus that we can get on the Gym Floor in the Storm Center, we may be setting up the Old Gym for the JV Tournament on Monday.  One way or another, we will be setting up one of our Gyms to wrestle on Monday.  If you are able to come and help set up for the tournament, please do.  We will count any time spent setting up the gym as extra effort time.  There is no specific time that we will be done, just whenever we get everything finished…but please know that you are free to leave whenever you need to on Sunday as it is a voluntary team activity.  Thank you all for your help!!!


Thank you for being understanding about these situations that are out of our control.  We can only control how we respond in these situations, and we are trying to do the best we can to keep the practice schedule the same.  If you have any questions, please email Coach Gayton @ .  Thank you!