Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · Wrestling Newsletter for Week of 11/26/2018-12/1/2018

Wrestling Family, please read this week’s newsletter.  It has information about this Saturday’s Match at Hiram HS and our tournament this Saturday at Cedartown HS.  Thanks to everyone for the support!!!

Tournament Re-Cap of Colonel Harvey Robinson Duals and JV Hurricane Scramble over Thanksgiving Break

Highlight video from Thanksgiving Week Tournaments

The above link is a short highlight video that Coach Putnam’s Video Class was able to put together.  Check it out!


Our Thanksgiving Tournaments that we hosted both went very well.  Both Tournaments ran according to plan and we were able to get through the wrestling portions of the day much earlier than was expected.  I have spoken with the other team’s coaches, and they were all very happy with the quality mat time their teams received and thanked us for hosting the JV Hurricane Scramble and the Colonel Harvey Robinson Duals.  I would like to thank all of the wrestlers, managers, video team, and parents that helped us to facilitate these events!!!  It was definitely a lot of work, but we all came together and got the job done!!!  We won’t be hosting any more tournaments this season, just a few more dual matches during the week, but the set-up and break-down for those events won’t be anything quite like these tournaments were.  We have lots of drinks left over to sell at our weeknight duals and cases of water to get us through a few tournaments before we will need to ask for more donations of water.

I am so grateful to Mrs. Cauthen and the Beta Club for helping coordinate the concession stand at these events again.  Our Varsity and JV Wrestlers and Managers also pulled together to run the concession stand in the old gym both days and did an outstanding job.  Our scorekeepers have really hit their stride with being official score-keepers of matches and even the officials complimented them on how good of a job they were doing!!!  The Varsity wrestlers did their part on the JV Tournament day to help run tables and set-up the Storm Center, and the JV wrestlers did a good job on the Varsity Tournament Day of filling in all over the place where we needed help.  Everyone worked hard at the end of the day to get the gym cleaned up and we did a pretty good job making the gym ready for it’s next event.  We did have to do some finishing touches to the clean-up on Friday, but overall I was pleased with the team’s effort.  Now that we have seen just how much work is involved in hosting tournaments back-to-back like this, we will take a look at whether we want to do this again next year or consider other options when we meet again at the end of the year.

Looking at the good things from this weekend, we were able to win 3 Dual Matches while forfeiting a few weight classes.  This means that the boys who wrestled had to do very well in order to make-up the lost points and I was proud to see them fight hard and win those Duals.  I am confident that we will continue to improve and that with a full line-up we will have a competitive Duals Team.


Tournament Re-Cap of Hiram’s Golden Turkey Tournament

This past Saturday we took our entire program: the Varsity, JV, and our new Women’s Team to compete at Hiram.  This was the first event ever for our Women’s Team!!!  We were excited to see Riley, Maci, Stephanie, and Faith all win their first wrestling match!!!  Maci and Stephanie went undefeated on the day!!!  I was very proud of how the Women’s team fought and am looking forward to watching them improve each week!  The JV Team was able to get a lot of matches in as well and we were able to get video footage of them to use for coaching purposes and help them continue to improve.  The Varsity Team was able to win 2 dual matches without a full line-up.  Jabril (5-0) and Kentrel (4-0) both went undefeated on the day, and Collin (4-1) and Joshua (3-2) had solid performances as well against some tough competition.  We will be heading back to Hiram this Thursday for the Cradle for the Cure: Cancer Awareness Match.


Volunteer of the Week

A special Thank you to Mrs. Charmon Shellnut for providing the soups and sides for our hospitality room for the Colonel Robinson Duals!!!  There was a lot of compliments from all of the coaches and officials!  We really appreciate your help and support!!!


Snap!Raise Fundraiser Update:

Our Snap!Raise Fundraiser has ended and I am very happy to announce that we met our goal of $3,000!!!  In total, we raised $3,425.  Thank you to everyone who participated in reaching out to your family, friends, and community!!!  A very special thank you goes out to all of the financial supporters of our program!!!  We could not do all of the things we are doing without your support!  Thank you all so much!!!  Congratulations to Riley P. for winning the highest fundraiser award!!!  Great Job Everyone!!!


After Practice Clean-Up Duties

We will be starting our after practice clean-up duties this week.  I have divided the team into 4 groups:

GROUP 1 – Edwin B, Jeffery H, Jabril W, Diego L, Trent D, Juan B, Connor M, Lyle F.

GROUP 2 – Kentrel F, Francisco O, Tytan G, Tyler E, Zafna A, Jay C, Camden M

GROUP 3 – Luis B, Eoin N, Nate E, Muhammad R, Joshua A, Mohammed K, Camren P, Giles T

GROUP 4 – Collin B, Alexis O, Brady J, Philip R, Shadre H, Chris L, Nate R, Mateo C

This week, Group 4 will have Mat Duty & Group 2 will have Locker Room Duty.  Please allow for approximately 15 extra minutes after practice for your wrestlers to complete their duty before they are ready to be picked up.  Thank you!


This Week’s Schedule of Events:


Monday 11/26/2018

  • Varsity/JV Practice – 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM
  • Women’s Practice – 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM

Tuesday 11/27/2018

  • Varsity/JV Practice – 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Wednesdsay 11/28/2018

  • Varsity/JV Practice – 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM
  • Women’s Practice – 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM

Thursday 11/29/2018

  • Cradle for the Cure: Cancer Awareness Dual @ Hiram HS Performing Arts Center
    • This event will not be held in the gym where the tournament this past weekend was.  This is a special, Cancer Awareness Match that will be hosted in the Hiram Performing Arts Center when you first pull up to the School.  The Match will include a Women’s Dual of Alexander vs. Hiram and a Varsity Dual of Cartersville vs. Hiram.  Our Women’s Team will match-up with Alexander and Hiram’s Girls at some point during the event, but we will not have an official dual with either team.  Our JV Boys may not get any match-ups, but we will be bringing the JV Team with us to participate in this special event.

Friday 11/30/2018

  • Varsity/JV Practice – 4:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Saturday 12/1/2018

  • Varsity – Bulldog Duals @ Cedartown HS
    • Report to CHS @ 6:00 AM
    • Leave CHS @ 6:15 AM
    • Estimated Return Time @ 6:00 PM (tentative)


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