Multiple Teams · BARTOW BIO: Edgar reflects on his time at CHS

BARTOW BIO: Edgar reflects on his time at CHS,23853?

Edgar Moore poses for a picture during a Cartersville High baseball game at State Mutual Stadium in Rome.
Posted Saturday, December 14, 2019
Of all the legendary athletes that have come through Cartersville High School, the person most identifiable with Purple Hurricane athletics is none other than Edgar Moore.
The longtime manager does more than just film the basketball games or hand out water to the football players during timeouts. He’s the unofficial mascot for Cartersville High and the most beloved figure in the city.
While those who go to games know E for always wearing purple, his Beats by Dre headphones and his enthusiasm on the sidelines, those within CHS know he’s an amateur Canes historian who is a savant when it comes to remembering past scores, players and records.
But what stands out about E the most is his friendliness and genuine affection toward everyone he comes across.
He recently celebrated his 30th anniversary working at Burger King, but he has been with the Cartersville High athletics programs for 35 years. He can remember almost everything those Canes teams accomplished in that time, and he shared some of those memories with The Daily Tribune News.
Name: Edgar Allan Moore
Age: 50
City of Residence: Cartersville
Occupation/Job Title: Burger King employee/Manager and Assistant Coach for Cartersville High School Athletics
The Daily Tribune News (DTN): How did you become the manager for Cartersville High sports teams?:
Edgar Moore (EM): Coach [Gerald] Barge, he came up to me and talked to me about being the manager. I started as a football manager, and then I started basketball in ’85. Coach [Martin] Foster talked to me about that.
DTN: What’s you favorite memory in being manager for 35 years?
EM: Beating Cass and winning a state [football] championship in 1991.
DTN: Why was the 1991 state Championship your favorite?
EM: That was my first state championship.
DTN: What year did you beat Cass?
EM: Basketball-wise, Jason Tidwell hit a game-winning shot at the buzzer in 1989.
DTN: You’re really good with dates and scores. How did you get so good about remembering all those facts?
EM: I usually count them up in my head so I remember what the score was. I would tell what year we beat who and I tell them.
DTN: Do you remember the Cass football game score in 1995?
EM: I believe we lost 13-10.
DTN: Is that right? I just picked that game randomly. I’m going to have to look it up. Are you confident in that?
EM: I think so. [The score was 14-10].
DTN: Do you know every score of the last 35 years?
EM: Yes.
DTN: Do you study that or does it just come naturally?
EM: I can remember everything.
DTN: Do you have a favorite player from all your years as a manager?
EM: My favorite was Trevor Lawrence.
DTN: Why was he your favorite?
EM: He’s remarkable. He’s a remarkable quarterback. Baseball, I would say Anthony Seigler.
DTN: What about basketball? Who’s the best basketball player you’ve watched in the last 35 years?
EM: I would say. … there’s a lot to choose from. I would say Jason Tidwell. … He played from ’85 to ’89.
DTN: What’s the best basketball team since you’ve been at CHS?
EM: I would say the ’87 team with Ricky Haney. … He was dunking all over the place. They went to the state and lost in the first round.
DTN: Who was your favorite coach in the last 35 years.
EM: Joey King (As CHS girls basketball coach Cindy Moore chimes in from the background, “You better say me.”) Oh, I’m on the hot seat. Coach King and Coach Moore are No. 1 in my book. And then there’s Coach [Mike] Tobin, Coach [Kyle] Tucker and Coach [Stuart] Chester. They’re all my favorite coaches.
DTN: What’s your favorite part about being the manager besides the accomplishments of the teams?
EM: I like to eat out.
DTN: What’s your favorite place to go out to eat?
EM: Applebees.
DTN: There’s some controversy about that. A video surfaced online of you eating at McDonald’s and you work at Burger King. Do you eat at McDonald’s?
EM: I do, but I don’t work there.
DTN: Why have you decided to be the manager for the sports teams for so long?
EM: Hanging out. I like hanging out with the coaches and the players.
DTN: How much longer do you want to be the manager?
EM: I don’t know. I just don’t know right now, but I want to keep doing it.
DTN: How much Cartersville gear do you have?
EM: Oh, man, I have so much. I have Cartersville sweatpants and shoes and a cap, a baseball cap.
DTN: Where do you keep all that gear?
EM: Me and my dad share. He says, “I like purple.” I say, “I’ll give you purple.”