Multiple Teams · Wrestling Team Honors Seniors – Class of 2021

The Cartersville Wrestling Program Honored the Class of 2021 Seniors

Cartersville hosted Senior Night on 2/3/2021 and recognized their Senior Wrestlers and Managers and capped the night off with a night of wrestling against Whitefield Academy.

We honored our 10 Seniors: Gabriella Perez-Aguilera, Klaire Turner, Trista Ngo, Paige Nelson, Grant Peters, Brady Jenkins, Lyle Forristall, Rashar Locklear, Jairo Martinez, Rashun Hurst.

Gabriella Perez-Aguilera

Klaire Turner

Trista Ngo

Paige Nelson

Grant Peters

Brady Jenkins

Lyle Forristall

Rashar Locklear

Jairo Martinez

Rashun Hurst

Wrestling Match Results vs. Whitefield Academy:

1)      Brooke French (WA) MINOR DEC over Elora Waterman (CV) – 5-3

2)      Joshua Alvarez (CV) FALL over Jack Schuster (WA) 1:08

3)      Camden Geer (CV) FALL over Juanes Henao (WA) 1:24

4)      Brady Jenkins (CV) TECH over Christian Wiggins (WA) 17-2

5)      Rashar Locklear (CV) FALL over William McCall (WA) 0:50

6)      Jairo Martinez (CV) FALL over Collin Shuster (WA) 1:50

7)      Brooke French (WA) FALL over Neurimar Montero (CV) 2:21

8)      Jack Schuster (WA) MINOR DEC over Jackson Latimer (CV) 11-4

9)      Juanes Henao (WA) INJ DEF over Joshua Alvarez (CV) 

10)   Lyle Forristall (CV) FALL over Christian Wiggins (WA) 2:22

11)   Rashar Locklear (CV) FALL over Collin Schuster (WA) 2:50

12)   Jairo Martinez (CV) FALL over Jake Moorer (WA) 1:40

13)   Brooke French (WA) INJ DEF over Neurexe Montero (CV)